The Havre Team Story

The Havre Team Story

The Havre Team Story- real estate team.Throughout time children have looked to their parents for advice and direction. I was raised in a military family with my father being a commissioned officer. As a young child I remember holding my father’s hand while we walked on a military base and I was amazed that everyone saluted him. I was definitely “Daddy’s Girl” and I loved spending time with him and wanted to be just like him.

As a teenager I wanted to go on my own journey of self-discovery so I did what many teenagers do and became resistant to my parent’s advice and guidance. At seventeen, I decided to join the Army so I could finance my college education and have the freedom to choose my own path.  

While I was in the Army, my father retired from the military and my parents moved to the Tri-Cities where he became a real estate agent.  After my four-year term of service, I moved to the Tri-Cities and my father said to me, “Michelle, you should get your real estate license and work with me part-time while you go to college.”  I was surprised that he thought I could be a real estate agent at 22 years old and delighted that he wanted me to work for him.    

My father was the best role model in both life and real estate. He taught me that if you work hard and do a good job for clients, they would refer you to others. He believed in treating clients honestly, working hard, giving exceptional service, being an industry innovator, doing self-less service and having strong character in everything you do.  

After twenty years of working alongside my father, he retired to enjoy new adventures with my mother.  
Here at The Havre Team, our staff as been trained to cater to you the same way my father taught me. We still practice real estate as a family, helping families achieve their real estate goals. 

Let us treat you like family through every step of the real estate process. 


- Michelle Havre

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